Storage and feeding of an established Sourdough starter culture

Store your Sourdough starter culture in the refrigerator and feed it once a week.

Sourdough feeding material

1. Add 50g (1.8oz) rye flour (medium, whole grain, white rye) in a new glass or bowl.
2. Add 50ml water to the flour.
3. Take 5g (0.2oz) of the “old” sourdough starter culture and mix with water and flour until it become smooth, close the glass with a lead or cover the bowl with cling foil. Allow the new sourdough starter to work for 24 hours at room temperature.
4. Leave the rest of the “old” starter culture in the fridge until you are sure that the new culture is feeded well.
5. After the incubation you see a lot of bubbles and the sourdough smell aromatic-sour (see picture). You have created a new fresh sourdough starter culture!
6. Store the new starter culture in the refrigerator. Throw away the “old” starter culture or used it in a recipe for extra aromatic taste (Please be aware, that taking a starter culture from the fridge directly, will have no rising power!).

Sourdough after mixing Sourdough after 24 hours Sourdough after 24 hours
Sourdough after mixing, before incubation Sourdough after 24 hours incubation at room temperature

For feeding of a sourdough culture it can be used any starchy flour, like rye, wheat, corn, rice and even potato flour. For example, if a gluten-free sourdough culture is needed, use corn, rice or potato flour.