White Wheat Bread

White Bread White Bread

Yeasted Predough (Patê Fermanenté)

185g (6.5oz) Wheat flour „Bread“
125g (4.4oz) Water
¼ Teaspoon Dry yeast

Wheat Sourdough

45g (1.6oz) Wheat flour „Bread“
45g (1.6oz) Water
5g (0.2oz) Sourdough starter

Main Dough

Yeasted predough
Wheat Sourdough
162g (5.7oz) Wheat flour “Bread”
162g (5.7oz) Wheat flour “All Purpose”
145g (5.1oz) Water
1.5 Teaspoon Dry yeast
7g (0.3oz) Salt
10g (0.4oz) Butter (soft)


Yeasted Predough Combine predough ingredients, incubate 1 hour at room temperature and further 72 hours (3 days) at the refrigderator (6°C / 42°F)
Sourdough Combine Sourdough ingredients, incubate 20 hours at (20-22°C / 68-72°F)
Kneading Slow for 5 minutes, fast for 8 minutes (detaches from the bottom completely); for hand kneading 2-3 times longer
Bulk Fermentation 1 hour (24°C / 75°F), after 30 minutes stretch and fold
Shaping oval
Final Fermentation 40 minutes (24°C / 75°F)
Scoring several times across the longitudinal axis
Scoring White Bread
Baking 30 - 40 minutes, 230°C (440°F) degreasing to 190°C (370°F), seam side down, directly after baking spread/spray with water
Steam strong (1.5 cups), release after 8 minutes

Preparation and Baking

Day 1
Combine the yeasted predough ingredients in a medium bowl and mix them until the water and flour is mixed completely (no kneading). Cover the bowl with cling foil or a plate and incubate the predough first for 1h at room temperature and than 72 hours (3 days) in the refrigerator (lower shelf; 6°C / 43°F).
After the three day fermentation the predough have risen significantly and smell fruity-aromatic.

Yeasted predough before fermentation Yeasted predough after 72h fermentation
Yeasted predough before fermentation Yeasted predough after 72h fermentation.

Day 2
No action. Predough still in the refridgerator.

Day 3
Mix the sourdough ingredients in a small bowl. Cover the bowl with cling foil or a plate and incubate the sourdough for 20 hours at room temperature (22-24°C / 71-75°F). The sourdough will smell mild-sour and shows a lot of small bubbles.

Sourdough before fermentation Sourdough after 20h fermentation
Sourdough before fermentation Sourdough after 20h fermentation.

Day 4 (Baking Day)
For the main dough, mix the predough, sourdough and all other ingredients in a big bowl (kitchen machine bowl) and knead for 5 minutes at the lowest step and 8 minutes at the second step of your kitchen machine. If you are kneading by hand, the time increases around factor 2 - 3. The ready dough detaches from the bottom completely and looks soft. The gluten skeleton has formed.

Cover the bowl with a plate or cling foil and incubate for 1 hour at 24°C (75°F; bulk fermentation). After 30 minutes stretch and fold the dough.

Following bulk fermentation knead the dough short on a lightly-floured workbench to exhale the fermentation gases. Shape the dough in a ball first and form the loaf oval by stretch one site to the opposite site (see video).

Score the loaf with a sharp blade like a scalpel, razor blade or bakers blade several times across the longitudinal axis (2 cm deep, see picture right).
Scoring White Bread

Place the loaf seam side down on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Cover the loaf with a big bowl/box or put the baking tray in your not heated oven and incubate for 40 minutes. If you turn on the oven light, it will develop the perfect temperature for dough rising (final fermentation).

Preheat the oven to 230°C (440°F). Be sure your bread is not in the oven!

When ready to bake, spread or spray water over the loaf and slide the baking tray with the loaf in the oven, fill the oven with steam (1.5 cups).
After 8 minutes lower the oven temperature to 190°C (370°F) and open the oven door for a few seconds to let the steam escape. Bake for another 30 - 40 minutes until the crust is nicely brown.
Take the bread out and spray water over the loaf, so you will get a shiny crust.

Let the bread cool uncovered on a cooling rack.

Time is Taste!