German Sourdough Bread Baking Classes

Hands-on German Sourdough Bread Baking Classes for anyone, 14 years and up.
Every class teaches the basics of kneading, fermenting, shaping, scoring, and baking sourdough.
Location is South San Jose, CA
Every class is limited to 4 participants so every one of you will get plenty of attention and hands-on experience.

Every class will take 5 hours and you will:

Every class will bake one bread or roll recipe from the beginning to the fresh baked bread. Furthermore I will demonstrate one more recipe. Every participant will take their oven fresh baked bread or rolls at home.

Every class is available in German and English. Let me know which language you prefer.

At the end of the class you will feel confident for baking your next sourdough bread at home!

Bread Baking Classes available for:

Price for each class is $80 per person.

Please contact me for a time schedule at


See you in the class!

The Bread Lady